Gail Hadani

Gail Hadani is a NYC-based photographer with a professional background as an opera singer and painter. She brings these worlds together with her romantic photographic style.

How has the pandemic affected you personally?

I think the lack of physical contact with family, friends and colleagues is probably the most difficult, especially now that the holidays are here. Being a people person, it's hard to be confined and alone. This quarantine has us viewing life differently. I have also lost some friends to this horrendous virus, and I know some people that have survived it - it's very overwhelming and frightening.  

There are some positives. I have been painting more, taking time to actually play out the creative ideas in my head. Writing music, singing, and listening to music are all good for the heart. Of course, there’s been lots of cooking and cleaning, but eating homemade food has been wonderful, and I do love to cook (the cleanup is the not-so-exciting part). It's important to stay in the day and not think too far ahead. For the first time in my life, I am going to try meditation, although it is hard for me to sit still. Hopefully, this virus will pass sooner than we think.  

Painting done while in Quarantine.

How have you been affected professionally?

Professionally, work has come to a full stop  So many people are out of work. I miss shooting tremendously. I miss the creative interaction with a team of people. I guess I’ll plan projects for the future.

“Maybe when the dust settles and this is all over, we will all be better people in a better world."  

How do you think it will impact the future of your industry?

I believe as soon as businesses recover, there will be work. Life will carry on. It may take some time. but it will happen eventually. The question is what do we do in the meantime?  I think we will have to find new ways to work.  

Harper's Bazaar, Indonesia

If you had to identify a silver lining out of this, what would it be?

The air is cleaner, the oceans are cleaner, and the stars are shining brighter. People are helping people worldwide in extraordinary ways. Maybe when the dust settles and this is all over, we will all be better people in a better world.